Our Story

Rich in History
Bounded by Tradition

Kinsale Spirits Founders

Ernest Cantillon


Tom O'Riordan


Colin Ross


The Flavour of Kinsale Gin is of the Kinsale countryside, combining local ingredients to perfection.

gin Concept
Great produce gives you the opportunity to make great gin; the distinct character of each Kinsale Spirit product is sure to impress.

Gin is made of countless elements. Our multi award-winning Kinsale Gin contains 21 botanicals. It is complex, yet balanced.

The Boots on the Ground

Kinsale Spirits Team

Colin Ross

With a strong background in marketing, Colin has been managing the success of brands and businesses across multiple industries over a 25-year period, both with global players like Heineken and smaller exporters.  He has served as Managing Director of iASC Seafood, a multi award-winning developer of innovative Irish seafood products, and is a founder of Prestige Catering Limited.

He successfully ran a hospitality business in Cork, which included a restaurant, nightclub and bar, over a 13-year period.  He has also been involved in the sector in both the USA and Australia and is a former Vice-Chairman of the County Cork Vintner’s Federation and the former Chairman of Cork City Cares.

In addition, Colin has had over a decade of experience in project management and as a marketing consultant, for a variety of clients in many fields, including alcoholic beverages, as well as lecturing in Management and Entrepreneurship at the Munster Technological University.

He is a keen whiskey enthusiast and has helped shape our new releases.

Ernest Cantillon

Ernest has extensive experience in the hospitality and beverage sectors having owned and directed bars and restaurants for over 10 years.
He is a member of the VFI, RAI and CBA, the former president of the Cork Business Association
and a graduate of Commerce in University College Cork.

He has an in-depth knowledge of both the operational and financial aspects of businesses in the hospitality sector, along with the leadership skills required to run a successful business. Ernest has a passion for organising small to medium sized festivals and corporate events and has a flare for telling the story of our spirits company to new customers.

Tom o'Riordan

Tom has spent over 30 years in the drinks industry.

Living in Kinsale inspired him to try and harness the abundance of botanicals, culture and history in the area to create the products that we offer today.

Owning and running the successful Raven Bar in Cork City gives him an insight into what products are on-trend and more importantly, gaps in the market.  For that reason, new product development is very much Tom’s interest, as well as all things technical.

Tom is always looking for new ways to excite our customers and challenge the status quo in the spirit business.

His painstaking development of Kinsale Gin has resulted in a multi award-winning London Dry gin of great character and smoothness.


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